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2022 Harley Davidson Sportster S

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Bronze Package

  • One month membership
  • 5% off all online purchases through our website during membership period
  • 1 free entry into our giveaway
  • Invite to our event for the draw giveaway
  • Taverner Motorsports sticker

Bronze Plus

  • Includes all of the above
  • Recurring membership with monthly payments until draw giveaway
  • 1 free entry into our giveaway for each month of membership

We will be using government certified electronic drawing software on the day of the draw. If that lucky winner is you then you'll then get a call from us to tell you the good news! We'll also follow up via text and email if you don't answer straight away. The winner has a month to claim their prize, we do, however, draw a runner up on the day in the event the winner doesn’t claim their prize in that time.

Each one of our packages gives you a Taverner Motorsports Membership for a period of time depending on the package. Bronze, Silver and Gold gives you access for an entire month while when you subscribe to the ‘Plus’ Packages you have access until the giveaway. When you become a Taverner Motorsports Member you'll enjoy exclusive perks like discounts through our online store, invites to members-only events, discounts on future events, and heaps more!

This is a promotional giveaway, NOT a raffle. When you purchase a package you're purchasing a membership to the Taverner Motorsports Rewards Program and the perks that come along with it. The giveaway is a way for us to get our name out there and spread the word! Community is huge for us, and we'll be giving back to both the motorcycle community and also the wider charitable organizations through company profits, on our terms.

Our base memberships are a once off membership, while if you purchase one of our ‘Plus’ memberships you will be subscribed and be charged monthly until the giveaway. And yes we plan on making these giveaways a regular event as many bikes as we can afford to, we can't wait to do some more of our incredible builds and make our lucky members extremely happy!

In today's world it can be tricky to tell, the best way that you can see we're not running off with your hard-earned cash is to check our company ABN and our Trade Promotion Permits, we've jumped through a bunch of hoops to make sure that we keep everything by the book! You'll be able to find our ABN number and the permit numbers at the bottom of this page. If you want to query anything else with us our team is available through business hours on (07) 3148 5288 or you can email us at